MacIntyre host Positive Behaviour Support Training with International Leader Gary LaVigna

MacIntyre is delighted to host a four day training programme, which will benefit 80 professionals. The event is being led by Gary LaVigna, an internationally recognised authority, consultant and lecturer on establishing positive behaviour support services for people who are responding to their life conditions with severe and challenging behaviour. Earlier this year Gary held two thirty minute presentations at the British Institute for Learning Disabilities International Positive Behaviour Support Conference.

For MacIntyre this event forms an important step in transforming to an organisation-wide Positive Behaviour Support approach. At the heart of this approach is the goal of improving the wellbeing, or quality of life, of each and every person whose behaviour causes concern. This is being achieved by skilling our staff to better understand the reasons for each person’s behaviours and to work in ways which reduce stress and anxiety whilst building a fulfilling, happy and more independent life. Gary LaVigna’s internationally renowned, evidence-based approach provides an extremely clear pathway towards this goal which will enhance leadership of the training programmes already underway. .

The event will be attended by staff from a number of different organisations who all share a similar vision for care and education. The opportunity to work together and share ideas during the event will help each participant and each organisation to raise our own goals and expectations even further.

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