MacIntyre Lottery Winning numbers for May


Do you play the MacIntyre Lottery? The winning numbers for the May draw are:

First prize of £500 – number 474
Second prizes of £50 – 458 and 129
Third prizes of £25 – 249, 218, 432 and 323

If you don’t know your number or you can’t find your membership confirmation letter you can contact our Fundraising team via email or phone 01908 230100. All winners will be contacted direct by the Fundraising team.

The MacIntyre Lottery is an ideal way to show your support and have a chance to win £500. It costs just £5 a month per number and you can play as many numbers as you wish. You can nominate your favourite MacIntyre service to receive your monthly payments. All income from the MacIntyre Lottery will help us reach out to more disabled people and empower them to reach their potential. Every pound will help us to make a positive impact on someone’s life.

To join the MacIntyre Lottery simply fill in the application form including the Direct Debit instructions and return to us using Freepost.

Telephone 01908 230100 Email