MacIntyre No Limits: Aaron’s story

MacIntyre No Limits provides a bespoke educational package in partnership with local colleges and schools. The service works with young people and their families to deliver a tailored, inclusive and educational solution, enabling young people with learning disabilities to access the services they need.

This is Aaron’s story.

Before starting his journey with No Limits, Aaron was told that, due to his challenging behaviour and minimal use of communication, he wouldn’t be able to continue his education and therefore couldn’t have the opportunity learn. However, after meeting Aaron, the No Limits team knew this wasn’t the case.

“Initially Aaron could only spend five or ten minutes in the swimming pool, which was still an achievement at the start. Now Aaron can spend up to thirty minutes and even the Life Guards have commented on the difference they have seen in his behaviour.”

Download Aaron’s story to find out how the implementation of both Positive Behaviour Support and Intensive Interaction approaches were highly successful and helped Aaron on his journey with No Limits.

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