MacIntyre No Limits: Aliyah’s story

ALPS (The Alternative Learning & Progression Service) in Luton is a dedicated team within ACE (The Avenue Centre for Education) comprising of teachers, administrators and key workers who support schools in the education of pupils with social, emotional and mental health needs.

In January 2016 ALPS took on a small team from No Limits to join their list of alternative education providers. At No Limits ALPS, we believe that giving a young person the best start in life is essential. Standard education delivered in Schools and Colleges may not always be the best solution for some young people, but that doesn’t mean that learning can’t be provided in an alternative environment.

From the initial transition phase which focuses on getting to know the learner and finding out the best ways to make the journey as seamless as possible, all the way through to when the learner is able to integrate back into a classroom setting, the programme of learning is developed to ensure the young person is supported to stay in education and develop important life skills.

Aliyah is one learner who struggled to learn in a mainstream education environment; the barriers to learning that mainstream school provided for Aliyah often led to challenging behaviour which in turn made it difficult for Aliyah to progress in her classes. A solution was found in the form of Eden Therapeutic Education, another alternative education provider, which gave Aliyah a much more settled environment to learn, with staff that understood her needs and preferences.

“The stability that Aliyah has achieved in her education has also led to more stability in her personal life, all as she continues to look to the future and work towards her goals.”

Download the case study to read about the amazing progress that Aliyah has made since being supported by No Limits ALPS. For more information about No Limits, please contact Sarah Nicholson, Programme Co-ordinator by emailing

Please note: names have been changed to protect student identity.

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