MacIntyre No Limits: Jahsiah’s Story

At MacIntyre, we believe that giving a young person the best start in life is essential. Although we never stop learning, delivering the right education, in the right way, at the right time, can make such a difference to a person’s life.

Enter MacIntyre No Limits, which provides a bespoke educational package in partnership with local Colleges and schools. The service works with young people and their families to deliver a tailored, inclusive and educational solution, enabling young people with learning disabilities to access the services they need locally. By giving a greater number of young people the opportunity to live, learn and work locally, MacIntyre’s No Limits programme provides a broader range of pathways for young people moving into their adult lives.

Jahsiah, who is supported by MacIntyre No Limits, explains that since attending Chaul End Centre (CEC) in Luton, he has grown in confidence and is now able to see the positive impact his journey has had on his life.

“I started to attend CEC in September 2016. Going there immediately improved my life because I started to actually go out. At CEC I am involved in many activities. I have joined Art sessions where I am learning how to draw. Some pictures I draw on canvas and sometimes I mix colours to do painting.”

The full case study detailing Jahsiah’s story is available to view and download.

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