MacIntyre No Limits: Tomm’s story

MacIntyre No Limits provides a bespoke educational package in partnership with local colleges and schools. The service works with young people and their families to deliver a tailored, inclusive and educational solution, enabling young people with learning disabilities to access the services they need.

Tomm began his journey with MacIntyre No Limits in 2013 at Barnfield College in Luton. As an autistic student, Tomm found it difficult to express how he was feeling or what he was thinking and suffered from quite severe anger issues that sometimes made him a danger to both others and himself. Tomm would often get angry and frequently have to leave lessons.

Tomm explains, “Ever since the beginning of my teens, I had an extreme temper where even the smallest of things activated a hidden rage mode in me. I would get really angry and then have to leave the classroom to calm down. I am now much calmer and although some things still make me angry, I am able to communicate far better what triggered it and think of how the situation needs to change. I have now learned techniques that have helped my rage to be less prominent, such as looking at situations more optimistically and learning not to use force or strength to get what I want.”

The full case study detailing Tomm’s story is available to view and download.

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