MacIntyre School celebrates Intensive Interaction

At MacIntyre, part of our philosophy is that we believe everyone has the potential to learn. Intensive Interaction is an approach to interacting with and teaching early communication and interaction skills to people who do not find it easy communicating or being social. It aims to teach the basic Fundamentals of Communication as well as helping develop social ability, cognitive abilities and emotional wellbeing.

The use of Intensive Interaction is celebrated at MacIntyre School in a fortnightly celebration of achievement. Each time, a staff member and student are awarded a prize for their use of Intensive Interaction to form relationships, communicate and promote learning by the three mentors: Kate, Aneta and Rachael.

The first winners of the celebration are Nicola and Millie – well done to you both!

Gwenne McFadzean, Facilitation Advisor at MacIntyre, said:

“There are currently several staff at the school working towards completing the Competent Practitioner Award, which involves learning about the principles, using them, being filmed and reflecting on practice with a mentor. It’s great to see that the principles of Intensive Interaction are being thoroughly embedded into daily practice at the school to further the communication skills of the students. I look forward to seeing many more staff continue to receive their Competent Practitioner Awards in the future.”

Watch our short film on Intensive Interaction to find out more.

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