MacIntyre’s Approach to Fundraising

You may have heard or seen the recent stories in the media about charity fundraising.  We thought it would be timely to reassure you about MacIntyre’s approach.

One of the findings of the report into the sad death of Olive Cook was that data sharing by charities led to Mrs Cook being overwhelmed by charity requests.  MacIntyre never shares supporter data with any other organisation.

Other fundraising practices which cause concern are telephone marketing and face-to-face fundraising (including chuggers) especially where these activities are outsourced.  MacIntyre does not undertake these practices and does not sub-contract or outsource any part of its fundraising activity.

MacIntyre is a member of the Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB), the current regulator of charity fundraising in the UK.  This means that we have made a public promise to adhere to best practice, honesty, transparency, clarity and accountability in all fundraising activity, enabling you to give with confidence.

As part of our best practice, we have developed a Supporter Charter which is also available on our website HERE.

Should you have any questions, comments, compliments or complaints about MacIntyre’s Fundraising, please contact

Claire Kennedy
Head of Fundraising
Phone: 01908 230100
Mobile: 07810 631305

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