MacIntyre’s Healthwatch Group in action

MacIntyre’s Healthwatch Group, which leads MacIntyre’s health agenda for the people we support, gathered earlier this month to discuss, debate and review significant issues that are central to MacIntyre’s health agenda. The session included an update on health topics including supporting people with epilepsy and End of Life care, and was followed by discussions around wellbeing, mental health, healthy eating and drinking and the Health Charter. The aim of the meeting was not only to give an update on these issues and to ensure all staff were informed of any changes and revisions, but also to collaborate on creating resources for staff, families and the people supported by MacIntyre.

One of the key topics discussed by the group was mental health; an issue which has recently risen to the top of the healthcare agenda across the country. After challenging what good support for mental health should look like to support people with diagnosed mental health conditions, the group created the content for a top tips and best practice booklet for staff to use when needed.

Another topic of discussion was healthy eating and drinking. In particular, the group discussed how to overcome everyday challenges and how best practice solutions can be adapted to various situations and requirements. A variety of resources were reviewed to establish which were most useful to support healthy eating and drinking, and what additional resources could be created. The content for a top tips booklet, aimed at staff and families, was agreed.

The Healthwatch Group meetings can be attended by all MacIntyre staff. Karen Duggan, Dementia Project Manager, explains the significance of the group.

“There are so many issues within the health sector that are relevant to the work we do at MacIntyre, especially as the health needs of the people we support are often extremely complex. The Healthwatch Group acts as a forum where we can all contribute ideas and share best practice and current resources. As well as to be innovative and create resources for staff to use to guide practice, all this is to achieve the best health possible for people supported by MacIntyre.”

For more information about MacIntyre’s Healthwatch Group, please contact Karen by emailing

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