Marc talks about raising awareness of disability

Marc is a young man who feels passionately about the way that people with a disability are perceived. He feels it is important to raise awareness of the issues people face.

Marc works with a charity called Live, based in Chester, to deliver talks about his experiences and to help people understand what it is like to have a disability.

Look out for future films where Marc shares further experiences further afield.


  • Tess Marshall says:

    Great film Marc, looking forward to hearing more.

  • Linda Hunter says:

    I have the privilege of providing a service for Marc who is an inspiration to us all at Saughall road. He is a very positive and intelligent young man. We have learnt lots about Marcs advocacy for disability. He has shared with us how humour carries him through some of the challenges he faces everday in life.

  • Emma Killick says:

    Fabulous – Marc I have heard so much about you (all very positive) that like Lynn I am pleased to now put a face to the name. You are inspirational and I know that your advocacy work will be challenging people’s perceptions and making a real difference. Keep up the brilliant work!!!

  • Julie Bell says:

    Amazing – Marc continues to talk about disability and how it impacts on his life and others around him. He is an inspiration to everyone, and has a wicked sense of humour to match

  • Gwenne McFadzean says:

    Hi Marc, I too have heard so much about you so it was lovely to listen to your vlog today and hear about all the work you are doing. You are doing such a great job raising awareness and speaking up for people. I look forward to your next vlog.

    PS – I think you know my daughter Jade!

  • Leander says:

    Thank you for sharing Marc, I know you are passionate about speaking up and helping break down people’s perception and increase understanding.

  • Will Fletcher says:

    Mark’s vlog gives us all a greater insight into living with disability – very perceptive

  • Darren Bowen says:

    These videos never cease to amaze me! – To be able to go to universities and talk in front of a large audiences takes a particular person. My hat is off to you sir, you are an inspiration to us all. Thank you Marc

  • You are indeed an inspiration Marc. Your work In The Gambia will go along way to help break down the many barriers that people with disabilities face in their everyday lives. You’ve seen first hand the poor conditions and prejudice that exist. What a brilliant Ambassador you are!!!

  • Donald says:

    High five to you Marc. You should so happy with yourself at what you are doing. I was going single out and say what you did in Africa was awesome (which it is) but that would be wrong of me, as I think all of what you are doing is awesome even talking and sharing your own experiences in your day to day life to others is just as awesome.

    You are just an all round awesome guy who has inspired me on how I should talk about my own disability or should I say my abilities.

    Keep up the awesome work!

  • Ali Babakordi says:

    Thanks for sharing your story with us Marc.

    It was great meeting you on the brilliant Bingo night you organised – Keep up all the great and hard work you are doing!! 🙂

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