Michael gives us a guided tour of his house

In this video blog, Michael explains why his room is extremely important to him. He thoroughly enjoys showcasing it to new staff or visitors at Grange Road; Michael’s tours are an integral part of meet and greets with new staff.

As the decorations around Michael’s room show, Peter Pan plays a huge part in his life and is an important part of his daily routine. Michael and ‘The Gang’ (Peter Pan characters) like to spend time in the his room with playing with his gadgets and reading his books.

His room is green because it is Michael’s favourite colour and he associates this with Peter Pan. Michael houses all this office supplies in his bedroom and often transfers them to the activity room to set up his office.


  • Linda Hunter says:

    Loved the video it was lovely to see Michael show off his lovely home. Michael’s bedroom was especially special with the fantastic wall of Peter pan. It was plain to see how happy he was to show Catherine around.

    • lynn clarke says:

      Absolute delight knowing Michael for the last 7 years and working to ensure he lives his life to the full.
      Fantastic video

  • Catherine Farrell says:

    It was a real privilege to meet Michael. What really “shines” out is Michaels humour, his pride in his home and how important it is for him to be in control making sure that his staff are there but at the same time do not interfere. The great relationships and fun they have together is clear to see.

  • Amy Carter says:

    What a lovely watch!

  • What a great video starring Michael!!! His bedroom clearly reflects his personality, a pleasure to watch his interaction with his staff team.

  • Helen maddock says:

    Well done Micheal fab blog really enjoyed watching

  • Gwenne says:

    So lovely to see how proud Michael is showing Catherine around his home. Some lovely Great Interactions and clearly links to the DNA outcomes.
    Thank you for sharing Michael.

  • Emma Killick says:

    Loved watching this – brilliant to see Michael sharing how proud he is of his home. Also great to see that Michael was absolutely calling the shots here – including when the “tour” came to an end. Looking forward to future VLogs and the creative ways we can enable people to share what is important to them.

  • Jackie Alexander says:

    I loved watching this film, having worked with Michael in the past it is clear to see he loves his home and the Great Interactions he has with his staff team. It was also lovely when he asked Ali what was for dinner – Ali your reply of something delicious was lovely too!

  • Dot manning says:

    It has always been a pleasure to support Micharl he has a fabulous sense of humour and had always been proud to show any visitor around his home. This is a lovely video and I bet Michael has enjoyed watching himself on film too.

  • Alicia Domínguez says:

    How lovely! He seem so pride of his own house, that’s really good!

  • Shout Out TV says:

    We loved looking at your house Michael. Thanks for the tour.

    Shout Out TV.

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