Music for Autism at Endeavour Academy

Recently, students at the Endeavour Academy in Oxford were lucky to be joined by world-class conductor John Lubbock and some of his musicians from the charity Music for Autism.

Music for Autism aims to enhance quality of life and raise public awareness through autism-friendly, interactive concerts and music sessions designed specifically for individuals with autism and their families.

On a BBC South Today programme, students from Endeavour Academy were asked if they enjoyed the session and how it made them feel. One student, Anna, said that she liked the music because it was fun, and another student, Jamie, said it made him feel happy.

John Lubbock who spoke on BBC South Today said:

“It allows them to really express themselves. There is no disability so great that they can’t benefit.”

Music for Autism is committed to providing enjoyment and stimulation for all by involving autistic children and their families in the live music-making experience. Find out more and show your support.

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