New VODG resource: Preparing to visit a doctor

We are proud to have been involved in the creation of a new resource that VODG (Voluntary Organisations Disability Group) has launched to improve support to people with a learning disability or autism to participate in medication reviews.

The resource, called ‘Preparing to visit a doctor’ is part of a wider campaign within the social care sector – STOMP – which aims to stop the over medication of people with a learning disability or autism.

It aims to give social care staff what they need to plan with an individual for a review of their psychotropic medication. It includes guidance for staff and an easy-read questionnaire to complete with the person before to the appointment. Any decisions made during the appointment can be added to the person so the person has a record of their medication review.

Our Director of Adult Services Emma Killick said:

“I am pleased that MacIntyre was able to support VODG in the creation of this resource. It’s a very practical tool which will assist those using it to achieve the outcomes set out in the STOMP pledge.”

The publication is available on the VODG website.

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