No Go Britain: The Right to Love

You might recall the Channel 4 series No Go Britain, which we first discussed in September when Sui-Ling Tang, who is supported by MacIntyre in Milton Keynes, first appeared on the programme to discuss her views on the difficulties faced by disabled transport users.

Last night, Sui-Ling made her second appearance on the programme which examined the right for people with a learning disability to be in a relationship and introduced Supported Loving Campaign by Centre for Welfare Reform.

At the start of the programme, Sui-Ling introduces her relationship with her fiancé Lloyd, who she has been in a relationship with for over four years. Sui-Ling, who also narrates the programme, said:

“When you have a learning disability like me, support workers play an important role and it’s sometimes hard for them to recognise that we want to find love. It’s good to see that people are starting to take romantic relationships seriously. I’ve been lucky that my support workers have supported me through my relationship but also know when we need some time alone. I really hope people with a learning disability will be given the chance to find love.”

Catherine Farrell, MacIntyre’s Person Centred Approaches Advisor, who supported Sui-Ling to record the programme with Channel 4, said:

“It’s important for staff to remember that its vital to understand what is important to the person they support, which includes their right to be in a relationship. Sui-Ling is a great ambassador and shows why it is so important to support people to live ordinary lives.”

You can watch last night’s programme on Channel 4.

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A still image from Channel 4’s programme No Go Britian: The Right to Love

Inset photo: Sui-Ling and Jon Snow during the production of the programme.

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