Oh what a Journey!

Just over 17 months ago I set out on my biggest challenge to date, the role of Area Manager for Milton Keynes, nothing could really have prepared me for the journey ahead: I have compared it to being on a giant roller coaster with lots of highs and lows and a few twists in the middle!

The highlights for me have certainly been getting to know all of the services, the people that live within them and of course the staff teams that keep us going. What has really struck me on my journey is the never ending support and care that is given, the endless conversations of how we are going to continue to provide support with the ever growing constraints that we work within, to ensure we continue to improve the lives of the people we support.

I have been struck in my short time as the Area Manager by so many stand out moments where the Great Interactions™ that we as staff have with the people we support and their families really make me continually proud to do the job I do. I wanted to share some examples: staff supporting a person at the end of their life ensuring that right to their last breath staff held their hand so they were not on their own, even when they themselves had recently suffered a personal bereavement but were adamant that this was the right thing to do. The support given to a new person moving into a service, the constant reassurance to ensure that we get it right for them, with staff using all of the facilitation skills and resources they have to ensure that we do our best and never giving up! The warmth, reassuring touch and never ending creativity really do make the difference to a person in making them feel safe. And finally I had the privilege of watching the drama performance of “Joseph and his Amazing Technicoloured Dream Coat”, and saw again the hard work and dedication from all involved to put on a performance to rival any west end show. The subtle gestures that staff did to ensure the entire group felt safe and involved throughout were truly amazing.

I am extremely proud of the area I support and excited for the journey ahead, and even though the above is just a small snapshot of all the good work that goes on, I wanted to say what a fantastic job you all do and what a journey so far!

Sadie Scott
Area Manager
Milton Keynes


  • Kate Webb says:

    A rollercoaster indeed, but an amazing, worthwhile, enriching and wonderful one. Thankyou for sharing ☺

  • Tess Marshall says:

    Sadie, from our team’s perspective it is great to work with you, and I suspect staff would easily be able to identify many Great Interactions you have personally been part of. Fantastic photos!

  • Donald says:

    Interaction isn’t just about supporting someone who uses are services to do what some may think of as care, supported work or education but it good we can support people to do fun things. Putting a play like this will last in people’s memories for a long time. One of the 1st places I worked at when I can to MacIntyre was Stony Coffee shop and you was the manager of the MacIntyre coffee shops. I use to watch the way you spoke to the people we support and the way you worked and you always did it was a smile and you understand what putting on play can mean to people. It nice seeing people having fun enjoying their work and when you show that it make me think how lucky we are to have staff who care so much about the people they support. Well do for your new role, keep smiling 🙂

  • Emma Killick says:

    Great Blog Sadie – I love your inclusion of someone’s last moments with us, then someone new moving in to join us and finally a big old musical extravaganza (plus everything in between) – roller coaster indeed. The fact that we all instinctively know what joins these moments together are Great Interactions is what links us all together. Well Done and keep up the excellent “Award Winning” work!

  • Nicola Payne says:

    This is lovely to read and working closely with you and your teams I see clearly the busy times, hard times but also the great achievements that are constantly being made. Stay on the rollercoaster Sadie!!!

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