An Introduction to End of Life Care

Part of Wellbeing for Life series

It is SO important to be able to talk about end of life with the people we support. It is not a topic that should remain taboo. We must break through barriers, and remove any stigma associated with talking about end of life care. The people we support are entitled to a ‘good’ death, everyone is. We MUST as a team respect their end of life wishes, and have those ‘difficult’ conversations so that we know what these wishes are. 


  • The Importance of Good Quality End of Life Care
  • What is the Difference between End of Life Care and Palliative Care?
  • Useful Words that Can Help you Understand End of Life Care
  • Talking about Death and Dying
  • Talking about Death to the Dying Person
  • Respecting Human Rights and a Right to Know
  • Human Rights and End of Life Care
  • Supporting People at the End of their Life