Changed Behaviour

One of the most recognised symptoms of any type of dementia are changes in the person’s behaviour that were not present prior to the person developing dementia.

Changed behaviour can happen early in the onset of the person’s dementia, acting as a sign that the person needs to be assessed for dementia, or at any point in the person’s life after a diagnosis of dementia.

Contents of this mini book:

  • How behaviour is viewed - do's and don'ts
  • Thinking about words you choose to use
  • What is changed behaviour?
  • Changed Behaviour Mini Books
  • Where to begin
  • How changed behaviour is likely to make the person feel
  • Why do changed behaviours happen?
  • What do changed behaviours mean?
  • How to respond
  • Responding in specific situations
  • Reflecting on your response
  • The importance of teamwork
  • Good teamwork in practice
  • Final tips: best practice and looking after yourself