Dementia and Learning Disability

By 2020 it is believed that the number of people with a learning disability over the age of 65 years old will have doubled. However, as the learning disability population ages, so more people with a learning disability develop dementia.

If a person with a learning disability develops dementia, it is often at a younger age than a person without a learning disability, and the person will face different and additional challenges to people who do not have a learning disability.

Contents of this mini book:

  • What is Dementia?
  • Some facts about Dementia
  • Understanding the term "Dementia"
  • Common types of Dementia
  • Can you only have one type of Dementia?
  • If you have some dementia-like symptoms, do you definitely have dementia?
  • What about younger people?
  • What is a learning disability?
  • Some facts about learning disability
  • Ageing with a learning disability
  • Risk factors for Dementia
  • Living with a learning disability and Dementia
  • Dementia and Learning disability - facts and figures
  • People with Down's Syndrome and Alzheimer's Disease