Emotional Impact of Dementia - Wellbeing for Life

Of all the elements associated with dementia care and support, the emotional aspects are amongst the most challenging for the person with dementia and their circle of support (their friends, peers and workmates, their family and their staff team).

We all experience emotions differently. Some people naturally openly express their emotions, whether they are happy or sad. Other people may hardly show any emotion at all, although this doesn’t necessarily mean that the person isn’t just as emotionally affected as someone who is openly crying or angry.

Contents of this mini book:

  • Dementia: an emotional rollercoaster
  • The emotional impact of dementia on the person with Dementia
  • The emotional impact when you have a learning disability and Dementia
  • The emotional impact of Dementia on friends, peers and work mates
  • The emotional impact on family
  • The emotional impact on the staff and team
  • Ten top tips for staff to build emotional resilience