Exploring End of Life Care

Part of Wellbeing for Life series

It comes naturally to us as care staff to put the person first and to provide great care and support. We also need to be mindful of our own wellbeing, and that of our team and colleagues. Some days may feel easier then others but some days may be hard and may have an impact on you and your emotions.

Remember to take time out to reflect on your day and don’t overload yourself as this is going to be a very sensitive, emotional time for everyone involved.

Your role will vary from day to day as you will start to include a number of different tasks and you will find yourself with different responsibilities that may be new learning experiences for you.

If you get to a point when you are worrying or need further advice then speak to your Line Manager. 

Contents of this mini book:

  • Your roles and responsibilities caring for a person at their end of life
  • Looking after yourself
  • What can we do as a staff team?
  • Role blurring
  • Case study - Katy
  • The six steps to success programme