Warrington Lifelong Learning

MacIntyre Learning Centre recognises the need for people to have a wide variety of experiences, challenges and to enable them to have a direction and choice in their chosen path.

We offer;
•    The Duke of Edinburgh award scheme
•    Employment skills and supported work and volunteering opportunities
•    Catering
•    IT, photography and creative design
•    Horticulture, animal care, rambling
•    Setting up social enterprises
•    Daily living skills, communication, independence, friendships
•    Flower arranging, pottery, sewing, arts and crafts
•    Relaxation therapies, music therapy, dance and movement classes and yoga

New Routes: Horticulture and Woodwork Project
New Routes is an inclusive two acre site set in Victoria Park and accommodates a large polytunnel, raised beds, large fruit orchard, woodwork cabin, education cabin and a healing garden. We offer a very person centred approach and people using the site can take full advantage of this as a work based activity or as a therapeutic place of enjoyment.

•    Developing horticulture and life skills
•    Work training
•    Planting, growing, cultivating and propagation skills
•    Tree and land management skills
•    Making garden ornaments
•    Tool safety and management
•    Maintenance and management of the site

We are also lucky to have some Adapted Bikes on site for people to use for fun and exercise.

Warrington Café 
We also run a community café, The Old School Dining Room, from Fairfield & Howley Community Centre.

Telephone 01908 230100 Email hello@macintyrecharity.org