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Parents are positive about the school. They recognise that the staff know their children well and have helped them to make good progress. One parent said, ‘I’ve seen so many changes since she started here – it’s great!’

OfSTEd Report 2017

Our young people benefit from a waking day curriculum during which they can engage in stimulating and exciting learning opportunities. We aim for our students to develop above and beyond expectations so that they can enter the adult world equipped to make meaningful choices and to be a part of the community in which they live.

We believe our students have a right to be safeguarded, healthy and respected as individuals.

We adopt a student-centred approach in all aspects of our education and care. Across the school we have a commitment to learning and student well-being.

MacIntyre’s specialist service “My Way” supports students and families in the final two years at the school to continue the person-centred approach in transition to adult life.


We have an active School Council with representatives from each class and residential group.  The young people involved represent the student voice in any key choices that affect the running of the school.  Decisions made have a real impact on the school, helping to make our community the best it can be. This approach is mirrored in the residential houses with student meetings providing opportunities for our young people to influence all aspects of their (at school) home life.

Staff Team

The school is led by a Senior Leadership Team comprising of the Principal, Deputy Principal – Education and Deputy Principal – Residential and the School Business Manager who give strategic direction across the learning and residential settings. There are three Assistant Principals for Curriculum, Sixth Form and Assessment; a Head of Health and Therapies and a Compliance Officer.

Delivering the education programme is a teaching team experienced in severe learning disabilities and autism. They work together with our Learning Support Assistants who provide educational support during the school day in the classroom and the wider community.

In the residential houses Heads of Service lead dedicated teams of Support Workers to deliver high quality care and person-centred learning during evenings, weekends and holiday periods with the assistance of the Extended Curriculum Co-ordinator.

Providing invaluable support to the running of the school is a team of administration, maintenance and domestic staff.

Parents and Families

“We have seen exceptional improvement in behaviour, daily living skills and general well-being.”

“Many, many thanks for all you do behind the scenes to keep our daughter safe and happy.”

Recent quotes from parents

Our close relationships with parents and families are very important to us. A fully supportive and active Parents Group meet once a term and, having representation on the School Leadership Team, are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of the school.  Good communication between Teachers, Heads of Service and families provides strong links with home and enhances the regular contact maintained between students and their families.

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