MacIntyre has a particular way of working with people and because it is so important to all our activities we call it our DNA. It is a combination of our values and the way that we put those values into actions that is unique to MacIntyre.

Every cell we are made up of has our DNA in it. It gives us our identity and makes us who we are.

Wherever we are in MacIntyre; school, college, learning centre or a person’s home, we should see and feel MacIntyre’s DNA – it’s our family resemblance.

The famous song: “It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it” nicely sums up how we put our values into action.
Through our Promises and Value base, the promotion of Great Interactions™ and Person Centred Approaches, we aim to give each and every person a life that makes sense to them, with a level and style of support of their choosing.

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