People with a learning disability are living longer, yet they are still dying 20 years younger than the rest of the population. It is well known that people with a learning disability are more likely to live with other health conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, dementia and dysphasia.

Ensuring we keep our Promise of supporting each individual to feel good about themselves and to stay safe and healthy is extremely important to us at MacIntyre.

We have taken considerable steps to ensuring good health and wellbeing for the people we support. This has involved:

  • Making health recording more robust and accessible to ensure accurate and timely diagnoses can be given by health professionals
  • Having health information in an Easy Read format to help the people we support understand their health and changing health needs
  • Creating resources and documentation to upskill staff in all areas of health

Industry resources

MacIntyre is also actively involved in reviewing and contributing to key industry resources, publications and best practice guidelines. Examples include:

  • VODG resource: Preparing to visit the doctor
  • VODG focus on tackling health inequalities
  • Public Health England report on Learning Disability and Dementia Reasonable Adjustments
  • Dementia Friends information session resource for adults with learning disabilities

MacIntyre resources

Health recording is a big focus of our health agenda at MacIntyre. In 2016, we undertook a review of what we currently record about a person we support and how much of this relates to their health. We have since produced documents and removed duplication to enable our staff and the person to better record a person’s health and changing needs.

The Health Calendar, also known as the Anticipatory Care Calendar produced by the Innovation Agency, a stream of the NHS in the North West, is a key tool which all of our staff use to capture a person’s baseline in regards to their health and wellbeing and is a great tool in daily recording of health changes. We know this will support a person with receiving a timely diagnosis of any condition, which is one of our key objectives.

Download resources

Health Recording Project
Top tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle (case study)


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Specialist Health Advisor

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