Dementia Special Interest Group

Responding to the challenge posed by the changing needs of an ageing population, MacIntyre has set up a Dementia Special Interest Group to bring together staff from across the organisation who are supporting people who have or are at risk of developing dementia to share best practice, provide peer support and find out about what is happening across the country.

The group has been meeting regularly now for a number of years led by the Director of Adult Services (Emma Killick) and with support from MacIntyre’s Great Interactions™ team.

The work of the group has included:

  • Creation of Hot Tips Booklets on “Supporting People with a Learning Disability and Dementia” and “Activities for People with a Learning Disability and Dementia”.  These Booklets have also been shared through external networks and publications including BILD and NDTi to promote best practice and are available to download by clicking the links on the right.
  • Creation of a training pack which uses person centred planning tools to build on the knowledge gained from completion of the SCIE/Alzheimer’s Society E-learning module, which all staff are expected to complete.  This pack ensures that staff reflect on their learning and provide support tailored to the needs of the people they work with. Sample discussion cards are available to download – these give a taste of the training materials.
  • Creation of an accessible document to support people with a learning disability to understand what dementia is and how they or their friends may be affected along with a template to turn this information into a personalised booklet for someone. Both are available to download by clicking the links on the right.
  • The group works with Beth Britton, one of the UK’s leading dementia campaigners.  Beth comes along to the group’s meetings bringing the expertise she has gained through both her personal experiences of dementia and her wider work.  As part of this work Beth visits MacIntyre services linked into the Dementia Special Interest Group to offer advice and reflections on quality of service and support provided.  Her reports and feedback support MacIntyre’s continual learning around this area.

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