Registered Manager’s Perspective

Sarah Lancaster, a Registered Manager at one of MacIntyre services in Milton Keynes, talks about her experience of supporting someone with a learning disability and dementia and the emotional impacts she faced with her staff team.

In the six-part series, Sarah takes us through central issues of understanding the emotional impact of a dementia diagnosis on the person, on staff, as well as on family, friends and other relationships and how staff can prepare for the future.

  1. Experience of supporting people with learning disabilities and dementia
  2. Emotional impact of dementia diagnosis on the person with a learning disability
  3. Impact of dementia diagnosis on staff and how to support them
  4. Helping staff to prepare for the future when supporting someone with dementia
  5. Impact of dementia on friends, flatmates and other relationships
  6. General advice for Registered Managers on supporting people with learning disabilities and dementia
  7. The final days

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