5. Impact on relationships

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As well as the impact on staff, the impact of dementia on friends, flatmates and other relationships such as partners must also be considered. Changes in routine and behaviour can be difficult for those closest to the person to understand; if a person is no longer able to do the things they used to enjoy doing then it won’t just disrupt their life, but it will likely affect others too.

It is important for staff to look closely at how the diagnosis might affect different people. Some people might clearly show that they have been affected and may be able to talk more openly about how they are feeling. However, for others, demonstrating behaviours of concern can be a way to cope with the situation; showing animosity towards the person if not enough attention is being given to them, or expressing negative opinions about the person because they don’t understand why things may have changed.

As the fifth video in the Registered Manager’s View series explores, taking the time to have one-to-one as well as group contact with the people involved and to communicate with them about how they are feeling is crucial in helping to understand the situation around them.

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