4. Helping staff prepare for the future

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Although the emphasis is always on living well with dementia because people with a learning disability are often further down the dementia pathway when a diagnosis of dementia has been given, it is essential for staff to ensure that the right plans and procedures are in place for good palliative and end of life care. It might seem daunting, but regular team meetings are a good way to make sure that all staff have a clear understanding of what should happen with aspects such as hospital visits and when the person’s health deteriorates and that an Advance Care Plan is in place.

As with other parts of the journey from pre-diagnosis, the entire approach must be kept person-centred. Staff need to be aware that the needs of the person being supported, and other people around them such as flatmates or partners, must be prioritised to ensure that as little disruption is caused as possible.

The fourth part of the Registered Manager’s View series looks at how staff can make themselves as prepared as possible for a variety of difficult situations whilst always having the needs of the person at the heart of the approach.

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