3. Impact on staff

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A diagnosis of dementia can have an emotional impact not just on the person with a learning disability who is receiving the diagnosis but also on the staff team providing their support. After all, it is likely that the staff team have been on the journey with the person since before the diagnosis was given, meaning that a lot of adjustment will be needed for the staff to provide the care and support that will now be required.

Understandably, a diagnosis of dementia can come as a shock all involved, including staff; a sense of fear can often present itself when the diagnosis is initially given if the staff member or team doubts or lacks confidence in their ability to continue to provide good person centred support for them moving forward.

As Sarah Lancaster, Registered Manager, MacIntyre, explains in the third part of the Registered Manager’s View series, it is important for staff to be supported and enabled to adapt to the new situation they are presented with, whilst also maintaining routine as much as possible for the person being supported.

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