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Yvette moved from a residential service in the New Forest, into a brand new service called Lane End House in Hampshire in December 2017.

I supported Yvette through her transition to Lane End House and what a transformation; Yvette now has her own one bed flat, her world has changed beyond recognition.

But the one thing that has struck me was something her Nan told me. Yvette has lived in various residential homes over the years, and her Nan always said to her “Tell me about your friends” and Yvette would reply “They are not my friends, I have no friends, I just have to live with them.”

Since moving to Lane End House this has changed, Yvette tells her Nan that she now has real friends and she loves sharing stories of how she has had dinner with them, goes to the pub with her friend and shares her love of DVDs and shopping with her friends.

The staff team at Lane End House have really engaged and got to know Yvette by being flexible and creative in their approach. Yvette says “staff listen to me when I get upset”. This has helped Yvette to think about how she reacts to situations that upset her, which often caused a breakdown in friendships but since she moved to Lane End House staff have become aware of her anxieties. When she rolls her eyes or wiggles her feet staff will say “let’s have a cuppa and talk things through” and this reduces Yvette’s anxieties and has helped her to build real friendships.

Yvette’s Nan is so proud of her and how she loves her flat, but most importantly that Yvette has real friends for the first time in 35 years.

Vicky Nixon
Project Start-Up Manager


  • linda hunter says:

    What a lovely story its great that Yvette has found friendship and the team are obviously using there great interactions to support Yvette. Thanks for sharing Vickyl

  • Kate Webb says:

    Oh what a truly lovely story! Thankyou so much for sharing!

  • Jeanette Fabian says:

    I work at Lane End and can vouch for the hard work and incredible patience that has gone into supporting Yvette, absolute top team and Vicky Nixon has been so supportive since the first day i joined MacIntyre a whole year ago!! I just love my job as Senior at Lane End and the people we support love living there

  • Charlie Budden says:

    She has come such a long way since moving into Lane End! The staff there do some amazing work, many of them new to the industry. Congratulations on such a success with all of them but especially Yvette

  • Andrea Hartley says:

    What a lovely story enjoy your new life ,I’m sure you will make many new friends along the way.

  • jackie Alexander says:

    Thank you for sharing, its important we all have friendships, so it is good Yvette has achieved an enormous goal!

  • Emma Killick says:

    Wow – friendships and the opportunities to make them are something that most of us are able to take for granted. Yvette’s comments on the difference between people you have to live with and people you choose to spend time with is a reality check. It’s great that Yvette is being actively supported by the team at LEH to manage the emotional ups and downs of her new friendships. Well done everyone.

  • Congratulations on a success Lane End House Team and especially Yvette good achieved. Thank you to Vicky Nixon who’s has been good supportive from day one.

  • Darren Bowen says:

    One proud Nan indeed – Just looking at the photo of Yvette tells me that she is great fun to be with. In my time at Macintyre I have got to know those kind of infectious smiles 🙂 It’s great to hear that Yvette has found a place where she can be herself and find friends, Without a doubt everybody needs somebody, and having that close relationship with others will create such a positive environment for Yvette

    All the best and thanks for sharing


    New Forest

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