Responsive with ‘Cake and Coffee’

During our summer term, to coincide with transitional activities, the Programme Co-ordinators Beth Payne and Andy Jeffs from Milton Keynes No Limits Service, worked with their learners to put together a ‘Cake and Coffee’ morning. This summer they were aware that we were to have a new learner joining the service from Slated Row School, who may struggle to transition if he didn’t have a good idea and a positive experience of the service he would be attending. We were extremely grateful to Slated Row who visited the coffee morning, bringing a number of their students including the new young man. Existing learners, new learners and young people who attend other MacIntyre Services enjoyed taking part in art based activities, whilst enjoying a cake or two.

Learners and staff worked together to produce a wide variety of cakes to offer at the event, with all proceeds going to charity. As you can see the learners enjoyed designing and making their cakes and they proudly displayed them at the beginning of the day.

There were Great Interactions everywhere! The learners did a fabulous job of preparing tea and coffee for the guests, including parents and teachers. They interacted well with their colleagues with whom they were working and promoted a professional attitude to their roles for the day. Frank was extremely good at following instructions, whilst Edward helped our guests to be relaxed and encouraged them to think about donating to the charity.

No Limits used lots of creative ways to facilitate the following learning within this event:
• Managing money and giving change
• Preparation and organisational skills
• Health and Safety when making drinks
• Communication skills
• Life skills challenge when making their cakes for sale
• ICT skills particularly for Karl who took on the responsibility of taking photographs of the day
• Fine and gross motor skills used during the creative activities
• Social interactions with a variety of people
• Encouraging creative thinking by supporting the young people to create an invitation

The day was a huge success, giving both our learners and staff the chance to meet new people and provide an enjoyable experience for others. In addition to this, the day proved to be an excellent transitional exercise for the new young man who will be joining us in September. He left Great Holm having had a lovely time and reported to his teachers that he had enjoyed the day and looked forward to doing something similar in the future.

A big thank you to everybody in the team who facilitated so well to make this happen.

Pam Rozentals
Programme Manager
No Limits Milton Keynes, Beds and Herts


  • Beth Payne says:

    Thank you Pam, it was a lovely morning!

  • Nicola Payne says:

    This is great! Theres so many ways to include the people we support in lots of different jobs and reading this is so lovely. I hope the new young man has a great learning experience in September.

  • Emma Killick says:

    Thanks Pam – what a great idea to hold an event like this, incorporating all those learning opportunities, building relationships and most importantly ease one young man’s mind about what the new term would bring. Well done Beth, Andy and team.

  • Tess Marshall says:

    Sounds like a wonderful occasion, and the list of those practical ways to facilitate learning and integrate into everyday life is really good.

  • Laura Selby says:

    Sounds like a fantastic day ! The cakes look delicious. Well done everyone

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