Say hello to Fresh Prints of Warrington

Our No Limits division in Warrington has started a new enterprise: Fresh Prints of Warrington. The aim is to give learners access to a work environment and provide a range of functional and social skills using vocational methods. The skills gained will enhance learner’s abilities, independence and progression into future employment.

Before being accepted into the job, Fresh Prints employees must have completed an application form, submitted their CV and attended an interview. Learners are expected to wear the correct uniform, follow start and break times, fulfil job roles specific to their abilities and interests and work effectively to complete orders on time as part of the team.

A working day involves tasks such as managing the eBay site – which was set up to sell the items being made such as t-shirts, mugs, jigsaws, phone cases and more – monitoring finances and completing other tasks to keep the shop running.

You can find out more about the Fresh Prints of Warrington on their Facebook page or by emailing

Telephone 01908 230100 Email