Sharing Lives with the Pink Ladies

“Tina and Moira met in 2005 when Tina ran Pink Ladies, a taxi service for women. Tina picked her up and they hit it off straight away, chatting about ballroom dancing. No one else at the taxi firm would pick up Moira as they said she was too bossy. Soon Moira started going to work at the taxi firm on a Tuesday. She helped with folding leaflets and similar tasks. In 2008 Tina was asked if she would give Moira’s elderly mother, Dorothy, respite once a week, and so Moira started going to stay with Tina on a Monday night.”

Shared Lives is a little known alternative to home care and care homes for disabled adults and older people. It is used by around 12,000 people in the UK and is available in nearly every area, and is presently operated by MacIntyre in Warrington and Bedfordshire.

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