Sui-Ling shares issues that are concerning her

Sui-Ling is a member of the Milton Keynes Shout Out group. The group meet to discuss issues affecting people with learning disabilities and topics of concern to encourage people to make their voice heard.

Here, Sui-Ling talks to Paul in the Shout Out Corner about her ideas on how the group could recruit more members and get more people involved, which is good advice for anyone who is considering forming a group of their own.

Sui-Ling also talks about her concerns of local bus drivers not being as helpful as they could be and people with a learning disability being picked on when they are out and about in their local areas.


  • kirsty peachey says:

    Hi Sui thanks for sharing your ideas about how to include more people into the shout out group. Do you have any thoughts about how people could get involved if they do not want to or can’t attend the meetings?
    Sorry to hear your experiences using the bus but let me know if you want any help once you have decided if you want to do to something to try and make things better.

  • Darren Bowen says:

    Hi Sui thanks for sharing your thoughts with us all. It’s great to see such enthusiasm to recruit as well as making people aware of people with learning difficulties. !

    Since working for Macintyre I too have noticed how bus drivers can be towards people with learning difficulties. I agree with you, I think there needs to be more training undertaken for bus drivers and other public service employees in order to understand that there is a broad spectrum of learning difficulties and one size certainly doesn’t fit all.

    Thank you again for sharing.

  • Emma Killick says:

    Thanks Sui – some great ideas there for getting more people involved. Love your enthusiasm and your ambition – Wembley Stadium! Keep up the good work!

  • natalie macpherson says:

    Thanks Sui, you’re such a brilliant advocate for people!

  • donald says:

    Sui-Ling Tang you go for it, I love the idea about filling Wembley Football Stadium. You made a few good points about wheelchair users on MK buses, well done on the video.

  • Shout Out TV says:

    Sui Ling you have some great ideas! Keep On Shouting Out! Wonderful!

    Shout Out TV

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