Sui Ling talks about being able to choose her staff

This week Sui-Ling shares how important it is to her to be involved in choosing her staff with the MK Shout Out group. The story continues with Sui-Ling sharing her experiences of recruitment at Central Office with Sarah, the Registered Manager of the service which supports Sui-Ling. Together, they plan how Sui-Ling can be more involved with recruitment in the future.


  • Natalie Macpherson says:

    Thanks for all your support with interviews Sui-Ling! you are a vey valued member of the panel and its great to see you are going to be involved in other areas.

  • Emma Killick says:

    Great to see “a plan” being negotiated agreed – there are so many creative ways people get involved and it’s good to see ideas linked to people’s skills and interests as with the photographs in this example.

  • Anne Wilshin says:

    Thanks for making me feel so welcome, Sui-Ling, when I came for my interview. I remember you asked me some challenging questions, such as what difference I would make to your life, if I got the job.

  • Gwenne McFadzean says:

    Sui-Ling I’m delighted to see you are getting more involved in recruiting staff. I hope your stories inspire other people to do the same – there are so many ways to get involved. I look forward to hearing how your recruitment goes.

  • Jackie Alexander says:

    Thank you for sharing your blog Sui -Ling, you have very clear thoughts on how we recruit staff which is great, perhaps in the future can share what worked well with your involvement in the recruitment process.

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