The Care Act 2014

The Care Act 2014, which comes into force today 1 April 2015, is the most significant piece of legislation in our sector since the establishment of the welfare state.  It builds on a patchwork of legislation built up since the 1948 National Assistance Act.  The Act begins by defining the primary responsibility of local authorities as the promotion of individual wellbeing.

MacIntyre welcomes the principles of the Care Act, which aims to achieve

  • Clearer, fairer care and support
  • Wellbeing – physical, mental and emotional – of both the person needing care and their carer.
  • Prevention and delay of the need for care and support
  • People in control of their care.

This short film prepared by the Social Care Institute for Excellence explains the new Act.

The Department of Health have produced a series of factsheets which are available here:

Factsheet 1: general responsibilities of local authorities: prevention, information and advice, and shaping the market of care and support services
Factsheet 2: who is entitled to public care and support?
Factsheet 3: assessing needs and determining eligibility
Factsheet 4: personalising care and support planning
Factsheet 5: charging and financial assessments
Factsheet 6: reforming how people pay for their care and support
Factsheet 7: protecting adults from abuse or neglect
Factsheet 8: the law for carers
Factsheet 9: continuity of care when moving between areas
Factsheet 10: market oversight and provider failure
Factsheet 11: transition for children to adult care and support
Factsheet 12: prisoners and people in resident in approved premises
Factsheet 13: appeals policy proposals

The Department of Health has also produced an easy read version of the new Act which you can view by clicking HERE!

For the perspective of Bill Mumford, MacIntyre’s CEO, please take a look at his regular blog:

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