The Family Tree

I have worked with Laura for about 5 months now. I have enjoyed getting to know Laura over this time. Laura’s timetable is a loose guideline as plans can cause Laura a lot of anxiety preparing for events. Laura is diabetic which can affect her mood on certain days too.

On this day Laura was having a particularly difficult time, she hadn’t slept well the night before and this was having a knock on effect on her blood sugar levels. After lunch I made some suggestions to Laura: to take her dog Saffy for a walk, or to stay in and work on some music or do some arts and crafts; all sessions that were included on Laura’s timetable for the day, to offer Laura a choice of which order to complete the sessions. Laura was not feeling at all motivated so I used the iPad to search for ideas for an art and craft session in the hope of finding something inspirational for Laura.

I had a browse on the activity village calendar for any upcoming events I could use to inspire Laura. Grandparent’s day came up for October so I clicked the link. Running down the list there were loads of ideas, so I told Laura about Grandparent’s day coming up and passed Laura the iPad to see if there were any ideas she fancied, as there were lots to choose from. This immediately got a giggle from Laura as she said there were 90 ideas on the page! Laura found a family tree craft that she would like to try.

After seeking some inspiration this motivated Laura to make a list of items she needed that we could purchase next week. I read out the equipment in the list while Laura took notes. As we got to the bottom of the page I noticed there was a 3D option, I showed Laura that we could get some sticks in a vase and hang the pictures on leaves from the branches. Laura really liked this idea and suddenly sprung up. She said we could go for a walk to look for sticks and take Saffy! I was so pleased I had managed to engage Laura with something productive, and proud she had added to this with her own great idea to complete some more objectives in the process! Well done Laura!

Laura then had a shower and we went for a walk with Saffy. We had a great walk, Laura even picked up the poop and brought it home to dispose of it correctly, enthusiastically asking me to take photos with the iPad for Databridge evidence!!

Laura is looking forward to the next steps, going to the shop for craft items and building the tree.


Helen Little
Community Learning Facilitator
H&S Representative
Staff Council Member
MacIntyre No Limits – North West


  • Fay Walker says:

    A great blog. It is inspirational how you motivate Laura to complete different activities and to be enthusiastic about them at the same time. It is lovely to see you two together!

  • Stacey Keegan says:

    That’s a lovely, motivational blog. So good to hear you both found something engaging, educational and productive. Well done to both!

  • Emma Killick says:

    Thanks for sharing Helen – love how you found a way to get Laura engaged and that once you had done so it then created other opportunities while allowing Laura to definitely feel she was taking the lead. Perhaps we can feature Laura’s artwork in a future edition of The Mag?

  • Laura Carter says:

    I love this!! This is mine:’) and thanks so much everyone for the lovely comments xxx

  • Helen Little says:

    Laura would like everyone to know that the photo is not her own work. We didn’t have a photo when we sent in the blog. Emma, Laura would love to submit a pic of her own work in for the mag once it’s finished.

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