The Inventor and us!

Over the past couple of years, MacIntyre School in Wingrave has had the privilege of collaborating with an inventor, for the development of assistive music technology.

Philip is a volunteer at the National Museum of Computing in Milton Keynes as a STEM ambassador. Prior to which he was a senior development manager in the computing and communications industries before changing careers into health and social care. Over the past years, he has launched the Accessible Music Project, setting out to develop music technology for people with physical and learning disabilities. He has collaborated with other “Open Source” developers (DM Labs, MK Makerspace) with an interest in assistive music technology, and more recently got in touch with MacIntyre School, with the idea to design some devices that could support students to engage in music making.

Philip visited school regularly, to discuss potential projects that could suit the needs of the young people supported at MacIntyre. He very patiently took in staff suggestions, however ambitious or impractical they might have been, and over the course of the months produced some devices which could be tested in school, very kindly free of charge. Philip was also generous in donating the first prototype of his “Sound Blanket”, a portable and sturdy MP3 Player with in-built speaker, to a pupil when he moved from MacIntyre School to Adult Services. The student used to enjoy listening routinely to the sounds of various electronic devices in school, and the MP3 player featured his favourite jingles and tunes, recorded directly from the original sources, for him to listen to once he no longer could access the school grounds.

Following this first project, Philip designed the “Touch Sensitive White Board”. The device is similar to an interactive whiteboard, but instead of having a touch-screen, the wooden board features various touch-sensitive areas (capacitive sensing technology) which can be programmed for different auditory activities. In the pictures below you can see Sam choosing from different animals sounds for the song Old MacDonald during a music therapy session. He has been taking part in music therapy sessions for over a year, and was definitely captivated by the new technology!

Music therapy adopts a very facilitative approach, in which Sam’s lead is followed in the exploration of live music making. Sam’s confidence has been growing whilst learning to make choices, take turns, share instruments, and attune to different dynamics of sound. Philip has certainly enhanced the creative process of play in sessions, and we would like to thank him sincerely for his dedication, resourcefulness and generosity. We hope to collaborate with Philip again in the future, and wish him all the best for the Accessible Music Project.

Giacomo Ganassini
Music Therapist
MacIntyre School Wingrave


  • Marina Clark says:

    This looks amazing! I’m sure the students really enjoyed trying all the different inventions!

  • jackie Alexander says:

    How cool, different inventions and music too! Thank you for sharing.

  • Kate Webb says:

    Love this Giacomo, thankyou so much for sharing. The photos are brilliant and it is lovely to see Sam so engaged.

  • Alison Wright says:

    Wow, what a fantastic project to work and collaborate on, knowing how much joy it will bring to someone.

  • Emma Killick says:

    What a fascinating read – thank you for sharing Giacomo and well done to all involved I can see from the photos what an impact this is having.

  • Shauneen Ternahan says:

    Giac this is absolutely wonderful! Thank you also to Phillip for the positive impact his input has had for our students and staff as well ! How great for Sam to access this wonderful technology which has enhanced his learning and well being!

  • Mary Essex says:

    Thank you for sharing this amazing experience with us. Music plays such a valuable part in so many lives.

  • Giacomo Ganassini says:

    Thank you all for your comments, I really appreciate them. We should also thank Fiona Gibbs, who first got in touch with Philip. Hope you are reading this Fi!

  • Darren Bowen says:

    These blogs get more and more interesting. An inventor working with a school to improve the lives of the students who attend there. Simply fabulous to read. Can’t wait to see more inventions. Thanks for sharing.

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