The Keep Going…….Don’t Stop! Showcase Celebration

The Keep Going…….Don’t Stop! group in Chesterfield have achieved a lot since they started meeting in May 2016. The group was set up to involve the people supported by MacIntyre in the Dementia Project and to ensure their voices are heard.

Since then, members of the group have not only grown in confidence but have been invaluable in providing insight and ideas about how the resources can be developed to communicate the message in a way that makes sense to as many people as possible.

Last year, the group worked on creating Easy Read resources about Respect, which have since been used widely across MacIntyre. This year, the group have focused on Health on topics including:

  • Health appointments
  • Planning visits to the Doctors
  • Reasons for going to the Doctors
  • What a ‘Good Doctor’ looks like
  • Emergency cards

They have also been working hard to create their own library of photos to use when creating the Easy Read documents; they have currently created over 100 photo symbols and aim to create many more in 2018.

Sue, who initially helped to put the group together, said:

“I am so proud of every single group member. Their confidence is just amazing; when I put the group together I knew it was an opportunity to give people a voice and make their voices even louder, and it’s clear to see today that it’s what we have achieved.”

Nicola, who supports the group at the monthly meetings, also said:

“It’s incredible to see what everyone has achieved. It’s not just about the resources that we have created, but the impact that being a part of the group has made on each member is amazing. They’re all far more independent than they were when they joined the group and aren’t shy to voice their opinions. I’m looking forward to everything that we will work on together next year.”

As well as proudly showcasing the resources they have worked so hard on, each member of the group also received a personalised award for their contribution, for reasons including always having a great attitude, continuing to support the group and making everyone feel welcome.

Well done everyone! For more information about the Keep Going…….Don’t Stop! group, please email

Telephone 01908 230100 Email