The London Cats are back!

After a brief break during the summer, the London Cats group is back together and having fun with new activities.

For those of you who don’t know, the London Cats is a social group, where the people we support in Anvil Close and Southview Close in London meet up once a month to do fun activities such as baking, arts and crafts and games nights.

In September’s meeting, the group got together to do a variety of activities, such as nail-painting, playing pool and designing Christmas Cards for a competition from The Mag – the Magazine by the people we support, for the people we support.

Why are these meetings important? We asked Hannah, who is Head of Service at Anvil Close in London.

“Not only are these meetings fun, but they are also really important for the people we support at these services to catch up with their friends and try new activities. Everyone really looks forward to the meetings, especially when there is a new activity for them to try; everyone in the group is always so proud when they have achieved something or tried something new. Yes, these meetings are social occasions, but they are also a brilliant opportunity to focus on the wellbeing of each individual and help them to achieve their goals.”

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