The MacIntyre Dementia Project in Care Talk Magazine

Have you seen the latest issue of Care Talk Magazine? Our Dementia Project has made the front cover and our Director (Adult Services), Emma Killick, discusses understanding dementia and learning disability in an article on page 7.

Within the article, Emma states that the discussion around learning disability and dementia is certainly getting louder, but that these conversations are only the beginning of the journey towards providing better care and support for those with a learning disability and dementia. The MacIntyre Dementia Project seeks to build upon best practice and create a range of learning and multi-media information resources to improve care and support and bridge the gap between learning disability and dementia.

Emma concludes, “Now is the time for the relationship with dementia and learning disability to be put higher on the health and social care agenda. By raising awareness of the link between learning disabilities and dementia, the MacIntyre Dementia Project will ensure that those affected can develop a greater level of understanding and therefore be able to make lifestyle choices specific to them, allowing the person to maintain their independence and control over their life.”

You can read the full article, and see the full issue of Care Talk .

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