The MacIntyre i4t group supports Hate Crime Awareness Week

Last week, numerous organisations and public figures came together to support Hate Crime Awareness Week and show their commitment to stopping hate.

It was the perfect opportunity for the MacIntyre i4t (Inspired 4 Training) group in Chesterfield to find out more about Hate Crime and what it can involve. Carole Hodgson, Training and Development Officer for the Reps on Board Keeping Safe Project and Alison Wright, Coordinator for Reps on Board, delivered the workshop to the group, using role play to help them understand what different forms Hate Crime can take. They showed the group that this includes people who may have been targeted because of their disability.

They explained that if a crime has been committed, and the court feels that the person was targeted because of their disability, then the court may give a harsher sentence. Easy read leaflets were given to the group to take home to share with their family and friends.

Alison commented:

“Hate Crime against people with a learning disability is under reported and sadly many people put up with behaviour against them rather than telling the Police. We hope that our workshops, which are available all year round, will help to spread the message that Hate Crime is just not acceptable and that people don’t have to put up with it.”

To find out more about the MacIntyre Reps on Board, visit their Facebook page.





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