Using Lego Therapy in Education

Have you heard of Lego Therapy? Vikki Spiller, Programme Coordinator, No Limits Bucks, told us all about it.

The use of Lego was first introduced to No Limits Bucks in September 2015. It involved groups of three students working together to develop their expressive and receptive communication skills by building models. There are now several Lego Therapy groups running across the service.

The students took a keen interest in Lego Therapy as it involved a familiar product and embedded learning through fun activities. The success of this led to a baseline activity pack being developed, which was trialled in September 2016. This involves a range of individual and paired activities embedding elements of the baseline assessment criteria – numeracy, literacy, social skills and expressive and receptive communication.

This baseline pack inspired a ‘Communication with Blocks’ group which now runs once a week, where the group work on tasks together using bricks. The main focus is to develop and apply social skills and communication with peers. The students have focused on negotiation, compromise, collaborative working, sharing ideas, numeracy and literacy and storytelling.

Lego has leaked in to other aspects of the student programmes and has been effectively used to explore feelings and emotions (using colours) during weekly tutorials. The idea of Lego Therapy has been shared with other No Limits services through a recent Programme Coordinator training day and success stories continue to arise. The team is also in the process of completing a Great Interactions film to showcase the Lego therapy in Buckinghamshire and other No Limits services.

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