We have arrived!

photo1 The new service in Essex, which is known as Cypress Gardens, is making its mark on the MacIntyre map.

So after many talks and plans Cypress Gardens is finally here and thriving! For some of the people we support leaving their home of 20 plus years must have been hard to try and comprehend. I mean that’s a scary thought right! Everything you know about changing and becoming something you are entirely unsure of. Who really likes change anyway? The thought of the unknown really did take its toll on people, and we had to facilitate carefully ensuring everyone was fully involved in the move. However when we look at everyone now you’d never guess how big a step this was.

This was one almighty leap taken by us all with the upmost passion, hope and desire for this to become a service where people would have and take more control of their own lives, independence and future. It’s safe to say we made it.

People were scared, anxious, excited, and emotional and put so much faith and trust into their staff team that their progress has truly been humbling to say the least.
Cypress Gardens consists of 12 self-contained apartments, of which 5 are supported by MacIntyre. So the people we support have gone from a shared residential living environment with in-house staffing all hours around the clock, to supported living – being on their own and in their own apartment with the support from staff when required. A massive life changing step and transition, don’t you think?

We are proud to say that this transition has so far been extremely successful. We all love our home comforts and for the people we support, expressing their individual preferences and making their new homes the way they want them has not only resulted in their personalised home comforts but increased confidence, the development of new skills and real ambition.
Having their own apartment has given each person the opportunity they needed to become more independent and make choices that better suit them.

It’s the little things in life that matter: people having their own spaces and not having to share their homes has been key to their progress. People now get full control and choice over their TV, radio, menu selection, when and where to go out, when to have a lie in, what room they’d like to occupy, who’s company they have, their own garden of sanctuary and all the other little choices they may not have had full control over whilst living with others.

Here at Cypress Gardens we have all been working hard to build the home everyone desired and hoped for… so far it’s looking good! We are currently working on our summer gardens and have so many plans for the future. We have already had birthdays, BBQ’s, sponsored walks, garden arrangements and shopping, sourcing new pets, finding new courses, library visits and lots of time to settle in with a cuppa and a biscuit.
We may not have had our feet or wheels on the ground for too long just yet but we are definitely here to stay…

Poppy Brown
Senior Support Practitioner


  • Emma Killick says:

    Hi Poppy
    Wonderful to read how much this move has meant for people – I know how much planning and careful thought went into supporting everyone with this move and at a time when there was also a lot for staff to worry about too – so huge thanks to everyone concerned.
    It’s great that you can now see the positive outcomes and the photos are fab!

  • Leander McFadden says:

    Hi Poppy, what a beautiful reflection – it is so empowering that everybody has been fully involved in the future hopes and dreams and they have supported to realise this – the photo’s are fantastic.

    Well done to everybody involved.

  • Tess Marshall says:

    Great photos, and I love the way you’ve written this, so warm and with your words inviting us into people’s home.

  • Barrie Ellis says:

    Great to see these photos and to see how such a huge change – although scary – can be undertaken with such positivity. It was indeed a rocky road at times but it was worth it all in the end to see what has been accomplished. Well done all round!

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