Welcome to MacIntyre!

Congratulations on being offered a role to work with us, we are delighted that you are joining our team!

As you know, we now need to complete the various recruitment checks.  While this is taking place we thought you might like to find out more about the organisation you are joining.

Watch our Films

The 10 minute Welcome to MacIntyre film introduces you to MacIntyre and some of the people we support.


Find out more about Great Interactions

We have a way of working at MacIntyre that we call “Great Interactions”.  We know that, whatever contact they have with MacIntyre, the one thing that means more than anything else to the people using our services is the way that we interact with them, every day and in all situations.  Great Interactions is the name we give to this award-winning way of working.  It is based on ten key facilitation skills, which, when used well, cumulatively result in good outcomes for the person.  You’ll find out more when you start working at MacIntyre.  Follow the links to watch the Great Interactions film and take a look at our Great Interactions blog – the blog is updated every week as colleagues from across the organisation share their ideas and experiences

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