What makes a good Person Centred Review?

Sam was asked to tell us about his experience of a Person Centred Review. He answered straight away with a great personal perspective on what a good review means to him.

Sam said that it’s important to him that he gets to choose who attends the review, that the environment is relaxed and informal, and that he knows what he needs to do and doesn’t need to do and know where he wants to go in life.

Person Centred reviews are key to ensuring that everyone we support has their voices heard regarding how they want to be supported and the things that need to change to achieve their personal outcomes, while also checking that the MacIntyre Promises are met.

We can then build on this to ensure that people are empowered to have a voice beyond their service; whether this be contributing and making changes in their local community or joining campaigning organisations such as Learning Disability England (LDE).


  • Gwenne says:

    Thank you for sharing this Sam – I hope everyone gets as involved in their Person Centred Review.

  • Beth Payne says:

    This is a great film to show staff and learners about why person centred reviews are meaningful. thanks Sam!

  • Shout Out Group says:

    That’s how all reviews should be!

  • Tess Marshall says:

    Great description, Sam, so good to hear how well it went.

  • Darren Bowen says:

    Fantastic! – I was asked last year if I wanted to undertake the role of going around speaking with different clients and seeing how they are getting on and help out with their person centered reviews. Unfortunately, due to lots of changes in the office nothing came of it. However, I do feel it is very important to get the feedback from our clients to see how things are going and whether or not the clients are happy with their progress and whether or not we as their support workers are achieving the SMART objectives set out previously.

    I agree with the above comment – This is a very good video indeed for staff and in my opinion this sort of video should be added to the online training portal as it gives a clear concise example of just how a person centered review should be carried out. ie giving the client plenty of time and opportunity to voice their OWN opinions to set their OWN goals in a friendly comfortable and relaxed environment.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us Sam.

  • Marina Clark says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us Sam – Person Centred reviews are so important to celebrate the success of the previous year and help people plan for the future, glad it worked for you and I wish all reviews were this successful!

  • Emma Killick says:

    This is great – so important to take time, slow things down and ensure that no one is “rushed” or “panicky” and that the right people are present. We should never loose sight of how important people’s Reviews are – as the Shout Out Group have already said – this is how all Reviews should be!

  • Shout Out TV says:

    Spot On Sam! We agree with Tea And Biscuits all the way! Informal and relaxed is the way forward.

    Shout Out TV

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