Why knitting is important to Karen

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Here is Karen telling us about how important her craft is to her.

Clearly, Karen likes knitting and has an ambition to learn new skills. She wants to learn how to make a jumper – an ambition familiar to a lot of people who take on knitting. What she’s really pointing out is that her craft is very important to her wellbeing as it relaxes her and helps her to switch off.

Given the chance Karen was able to tell us not only what was important to her but why.
We need to be asking ourselves “Do we give people every opportunity to tell us what is important to them?”. Where people can’t tell us directly, do we always use a facilitative approach and Person Centred Thinking Tools to capture and understand this? Do we further reflect on why it is important to people and what the outcomes are?


  • darren bowen says:

    Well done Karen, fantastic! – Coming from someone who wouldn’t know the first thing about knitting a scarf, I must say I am very very impressed. I love the dog, what an achievement!

    Doing the things we love and enjoy to take our minds off any unwanted thoughts is most definitely one of life’s important lessons, we should all learn.

    All the best Karen, thanks for sharing.

  • Shout Out TV says:

    Keep It Up Karen !We love your knitting! Thank you for sharing – Shout Out TV

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