Work experience at Aragon Housing Association

MacIntyre works with a number of housing providers. One, Aragon Housing Association, provides a number of MacIntyre’s properties in the South-East. At their local office in Bedfordshire they even offer work experience to one of their tenants, Eric, who is supported by MacIntyre.

Eric has worked at Aragon Housing Association for 16 years as an Office Administrator. He enjoys cutting up envelopes to collect the used stamps that he saves and sends to charity. Eric also helps to photocopy documents, removes old paperwork from files and assists the Supported Housing Officers with any hole punching of legal paperwork that needs to be filed.

Eric checks the stationary cupboard and makes sure all of the printers have enough paper. He likes writing and talking to the team, making drinks for his colleagues and any visitors and even helping with the design of the newsletter.

Eric is an important member of the team and continues to be happy to do all the jobs given to him.

We look forward to hearing more about Eric’s work in the future!

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