Could you introduce yourself and what you do?

“I’m Matt Worthington from Milton Keynes and I create videos for businesses and events under Storm Videos, which I started in 2012.”

When did you first hear of MacIntyre and why did you want to get involved?

“I first came across Macintyre at a networking event and have stayed in touch with the charity since. I used to do a lot of networking to promote my business.

I then did a small fundraiser for MacIntyre for the 2018 World Cup and have since worked with Lorraine to assist with filming of the Dragon Boat Race & Memories and Miles.”

What has been your favourite project/activity so far?

“My favourite activity has definitely been the Milton Keynes Dragon Boat race. It’s a really fun event where the whole of Milton Keynes comes together, including businesses of all sizes to take part in a festival-style event. It doesn’t matter how good you are, it’s just a really great day out. Last year we created a short video of the event, which turned out really well.”

You recently set yourself a ‘Move with MacIntyre’ challenge, to raise money for the people we support, what sort of challenges did you do and how did you find them?

“I couldn’t decide what to do for ‘Move with MacIntyre’ so I took a poll on Instagram to think of fitness challenges, then I thought, why not do all of them? So for the final week of May, I did a challenge each day, ranging from an online ballet class, through to a ‘swim’ in the garden under the hose pipe.

The sillier ones got more engagement but I also did my first 10K run which I found really challenging! With the current situation, it was quite hard to do some of them but it was an opportunity to try something new and it’s great that there’s so much available out there online - who knew you could take a virtual Morris Dance class!”

We'd like to take the opportunity to thank Matt for all of his support!


Interested in volunteering for MacIntyre? Your time, skills and enthusiasm could bring so much to the people we support and really change their lives for the better, bringing huge personal rewards to you.

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