MacIntyre Directors

Sarah Burslem, MacIntyre CEO
Sarah Burslem
Claire Toombs, MacIntyre Finance Director
Claire Toombs
Finance Director
Sebastian Moh
Quality & People Director
Andrea Parr
Adult Services Director (Interim)
Laura Selby
Adult Services Director
Kevin Rodger
Director of Education and Children’s Services

The team of Directors at MacIntyre are responsible for the day-to-day management of the organisation.

Our Chief Executive, Sarah Burslem, is directly accountable to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and reports to the Trustees through their board meetings.

MacIntyre Trustees

John Berriman, Chair of Trustees
John Berriman
Adam Goldstein
Adam Goldstein

Rosemary Hart
Rosemary Hart

Neil Macmillan
Neil Macmillan

Pam Meek
Pam Meek

Duncan Strachan
Duncan Strachan
Rachel Taylor
Rachel Taylor
Martin Zahra
Martin Zahra
Dr Dragana Josifova
Dr Dragana Josifova
Nikki Williams Ellis MBE
Nikki Williams Ellis MBE
Ranjit Bhose KC
Ruth Smyth


Many of our Trustees have a strong connection with MacIntyre, either through having relatives supported by us or as parents of disabled children and adults themselves. Our Chairman, John Berriman, is the brother of one of the first people supported by MacIntyre.

Role of Trustees

Generously giving their time and specialist skills, our Trustees contribute expertise in medical, legal, finance, education, risk management, property, sales & marketing, HR and general management.

Additionally, they are responsible for ensuring we remain focussed on relentlessly meeting service levels, maintaining the quality of our people and values, managing resources, mitigating risk and operating within our financial limits.

Our Trustees work to ensure that our financial position and ability to meet our charitable objectives and commitments is not compromised.

Trustee Business

The Trustees meet 6 times per year where the Directors report on their operational and financial activities within the organisation. Twice yearly the board meetings are extended to review strategy and operational performance in more detail.

The Trustees also provide scrutiny, guidance and expertise through the Audit, Risk and Safeguarding, Education, Governance Review, Nominations, Property and Remuneration and Wellbeing sub committees. Full details of these sub committees can be found in our Chairman’s report in our annual report and accounts.

Trustee Board Committees

Important review responsibilities are delegated to the following Board committees.

Audit, Risk & Safeguarding

Finance, audit, risk and health & safety matters, including safeguarding. Chaired by Rachel Taylor and includes Trustees Rosemary Hart and Duncan Strachan.


MacIntyre’s education services: strategy, collaboration between MacIntyre Care and MacIntyre Academies Trust, legislative and regulatory oversight. Chaired by Adam Goldstein and includes Trustees Neil Macmillan, Dragana Josifova and Pam Meek.


Strategy and development plans around technology, digital and the use of social media in our marketing. Chaired by Martin Zahra and including Trustees Adam Goldstein.


Governance processes and procedures. Chaired by Rosemary Hart and including Trustees Pam Meek, Martin Zahra and John Berriman.


Recruitment, selection and appointment of directors and nomination and appointment of Trustees. Chaired by John Berriman and including Trustees Rosemary Hart and Rachel Taylor.


Major property moves, new builds and property maintenance. Chaired by Nikki Williams-Ellis and includes Trustee Rosemary Hart.

Remuneration & Wellbeing

Director reward, staff reward levels and workforce related matters. Chaired by Duncan Strachan and includes Trustees Nikki Williams-Ellis and Ruth Smyth.